Monday, July 14, 2003

It's a Mob's Mob's Mob's Mob's World

Thanks to my blogging of their event, I have kindly been invited to Minneapolis Mob #1, titled "Mob of America," taking place July 22. Unlike New York's Mob Project, the Minneapolites have a Web site, operated through Yahoo Groups:

Minnesota's Mobsters are already expecting more than 100 people to show up for their first foray. Elsewhere on the Web you can find a page with instructions for the the event, as well as for the Mob Project's MOB #4, scheduled for this Wednesday, July 16, in Manhattan, and a San Francisco mob, due to take place the same day.

And the photos are in from MOB #3, at the Grand Hyatt in Grand Central Terminal, a grand affair. 1) Satan's Laundromat; 2) Fred's Journal (click on the link that says "More ..." under the entry "1 July, 2003 | 7:50 pm").