Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lost and Found Department

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. Tomorrow I’m getting married. That explains (at least in part, if you don’t think about it too long) why I’ve been blogging so little of late.

I was also out of town, and away from my computer, for nearly a month, with trips to Seattle, Chicago, and Cincinnati. In other words, I’ve been lost and now I’m found.

Anyway, now that I’m found, here is a link to Spin magazine’s review of the Bon Mots album le main drag, half of whose songs are written by my old friend Eric Chial, whom I’ve mentioned before in this space.

Eric, who plays bass, guitar, and sings, is the Mots’ driving force, promotionally. It is largely thanks to his tireless efforts on behalf of the album that le main drag is receiving the attention it is.

Spin gives the record an A-, by the way.