Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dougiegyro Department

That's right: two new mixes from the man in Prayhey: Sofistica 2: Love and Happiness and Pointy Haired Bossa, a mix of Brazilian drum 'n' bass created especially for the 30th birthday party of svůdnice Klara Nemravova and blogář Scott MacMillan.

Czech Lit Department

This site was brought to my attention recently:, Central European and Slavic Literature in Translation, "a community weblog for those interested in Central/East European and Slavic literature. Our intent is to provide a forum for news, announcements, links and discussion, and to encourage and promote the translation and publication of literature from the region. Visitors are welcome to create a free account and start their own blog; post news, announcements or commentary; join ongoing discussions by posting commments; add a weblink; or browse through our book and news links. is brand new, so please join and help the site grow."