Friday, January 09, 2004

Department of Something Everyone Who Opposes the Bush Administration's Policies Should Be Aware Of

I'm talking about MoveOn's incredible "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest, which challenged anti-Bush Americans to come up with a 30-second ad that will convince TV watchers why they should not vote for Bush in 2004. I meant to post about this much earlier, while you still could have registered to vote, but you can at least view the 15 finalists here. This is one of the most creatively radical projects to come along in years.

Among the finalists, my favorites are "In My Country," "What Are We Teaching Our Children?", and "Wake Up, America."

The funniest one I saw—though there were more than a thousand ads, and I only had a chance to view about a hundred of them—was titled "If Parents Acted Like Bush." It's not one of the finalists, but you can still see it here.