Friday, January 02, 2004

Department of New Dance Mixes for the New Year

Allow me to pass along a New Year's gift from my Prague DJ friend Doug Arellanes, a.k.a. Dougiegyro. Let me put it in Doug's words:


Seeing as New Year's is coming up and you may be hosting or going to parties, here is my New Year's gift to you: the new mix I compiled, called Žižkoteca, after the Žižkov club where I play, the Palac Akropolis. It's uploading now, and will be available for download at this address:

I've put it up in two formats: a single long MP3 file, or if you prefer individual tracks, there's a ZIP file with all the tracks in there. (If you're burning a CD, be sure to set the pause between tracks to "0 seconds" otherwise there'll be these weird gaps in there. There's a CD cover there as well in PDF, should you want one.)

It's mostly Latin house, but there are a few surprises thrown in there too.

Happy New Year's!


And (a late) Happy New Year's from StickFinger, too.