Thursday, January 22, 2004

Department of Noting the Many and Not Insignificant Honors Bestowed on the Bon Mots' Album Le Main Drag in the Course of Its As Yet But Brief Existence

(1) WXRT Radio Chicago continues to spin selections from Le Main Drag; a couple weeks ago, Richard Milne singled it out as one of the Local Anesthetic Top 5 of 2003.

(2) Dagger, a quality zine out of Portland, Oregon, recently picked Le Main Drag as a Top 10 CD for December 2003.

(3) F5, Wichita's alt press, recently named Le Main Drag as one of the 10 best albums of the year.

(4) An outfit in Connecticut named Independisc recently picked Le Main Drag as its 2003 Independisc Record of the Year.

The above information comes to me courtesy of the Bon Mots themselves, who, incidentally, are performing this Friday — that's tomorrow! — at Schubas, in Chicago.

You may, as always, learn more about the Bon Mots at the band's Web site,

(I love this photo.)