Friday, March 28, 2003

That actually does it for yesterday's coverage of humanitarian relief in the NY Times. ("Thank God," you two are saying.)

Yesterday's Times also had a story about a country that is so out of control, some relief groups don't want to go there. You want bad, visit the Ivory Coast. What is the war there about? Ask Romeo. "You get big in war. If there's another war, you will not go there? You will go there. In a war, what we chasing? Isn't it money?"

Doctors Without Borders runs the hospital in Man, the town where Somini Sengupta filed this piece from. An aid worker, probably from DWB, describes the place as "very volatile," saying "It's difficult for us to know who is doing what, who is responsible for what." And the International Rescue Committee "decided on a recent visit that the area was simply too dangerous" for them to send anyone there.

Finally, on a lighter note, if you want to see something really *cool*, check this out: a raincoat that makes its wearer invisible!

"Basically, a camera films a scene behind the raincoat, and a projector projects it on the garment's front, which is covered with tiny reflective beads called retroreflectors. The process creates an illusion of invisibility." GO LOOK AT THE PHOTO!

Here's the homepage of Susumu Tachi, the man who designed the thing. And here's the page on his Optical Camouflage project, including movies of the invisibility raincoat in action. Wow!