Thursday, May 22, 2003

Well, I've looked into the possibility of adding a Comments feature to my blog, but the current software on this site does not support it, so I'd have to add the feature with some other software slapped on top, and that is beyond my capabilities at the moment. Of course if you have something to say, you can always e-mail me using the link at left that says "E-mail Stickfinger."

Today I just want to point out that the U.S. has successfully seized control of Iraq's oil, and done so with the "blessing" of the U.N. Security Council. The issue is due to be voted on in the SC as I write this, but barring a natural catastrophe, "The oil revenues will be controlled by the United States and Britain, but the management of the new Development Fund for Iraq, which will hold these funds in the Central Bank of Iraq, will be monitored by an advisory board with representation from international financial institutions and the United Nations, which can hire auditors to examine accounts."

The above quote comes from an article in today's NY Times titled "U.S. Wins Support to End Sanctions Imposed on Iraq," by Felicity Barringer. Read it here.

As to be expected, there is no mention of any Iraqi input into, not to mention control over, the second-largest oil reserves in the world. Good thing this war wasn't fought for oil.

For a handy summary of the major issues involved, check out this page from the Web site of the Council on Foreign Relations.