Tuesday, May 20, 2003

On the Eastern Euro lit front, the following news comes to me via Boris Fishman, who has assembled an anthology that he says "is best described as a book of original and selected short fiction about Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union after the collapse of communism."

The book, due out in October from Justin, Charles & Co. in Boston, is called Wild East: Stories From the Last Frontier, and here's who's in it:

Arthur Phillips (writing about Czechoslovakia)
Gary Shteyngart (Russia)
Aleksandar Hemon (Ukraine)
Paul Greenberg (Bosnia/Paris)
John Beckman (Poland)
Charlotte Hobson (Russia)
Wendell Steavenson (Georgia)
Vladimir Sorokin (Russia)
Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan)
Josip Novakovich (Croatia/Cleveland)
Thomas De Waal (Chechnya)
Miljenko Jergovic (Bosnia)

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