Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Department of Say What?

Bad Translation Makes Mexicans Think Prague Has Special Subway Cars for People to Have Sex

slew of Mexican news sites reported over the weekend that a campaign to increase ridership on the Prague Metro included designating a car on each train where passengers could knock boots.

Photo: writes that the campaign, described in English here, will create a special car where singles can meet ("vagon, kde se budou moct lidé seznámit"), but that's as far as it's meant to go.

Some of the Mexican sites, like the one above, illustrated their stories with photographs from New York City's annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Filip Drápal of Ropid, the Prague transport company, is quoted as saying that nobody who enters the car will be forced to make contact with their fellow riders.

Other features of the campaign to induce Praguers to ride the Metro instead of driving their cars include concerts on the platforms and posters with quotes from Michal Viewegh novels and lyrics by pop rockers Mandrage.