Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Department of Grim Calculations

Like numbers? Good, cause this article's got a whole mess of em.

How many Iraqis died a violent death in Baghdad during the first three months of the U.S. occupation?

How many Iraqis were murdered by security forces and buried in mass graves during Saddam Hussein's rule?

How many Iraqis have asked for personal injury compensation from the United States? How many have been accepted and how much money has been paid out to them?

What was the death toll in the March 17th bombing of the Mount Lebanon Hotel in Baghdad?

What is the homicide rate in Baghdad now? How does it compare with the rates in Bogota and New York City?

How many Iraqis were killed in Karbala, Tikrit, and Kirkuk from May through April of this year?

How many Iraqi civilian casualties were there from March 20 to April 20, 2003?

How many U.S. military personnel have been killed as of May 17th? Of hostile causes? Nonhostile?

How many deaths in the British military so far? The Italian? The Danish? The Spanish? The Bulgarian? The Thai? The El Salvadoran? The Estonian? The Polish? The Ukrainian?

For the answers to all of these numerical questions, read Daniel Cooney and Omar Sinan's piece for the Associated Press, titled "Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed."

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