Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Department of Policing Personal Responsibility

I came across this blog posting at random: Driven to Tears: Getting Stung by Terror.

In it, one Mickey Z. uses the Police song "Driven to Tears," off of the 1980 album Zenyatta Mondatta, as a springboard to reflections on the question of the relationship of individual behavior to events in the United States today, and in the world at large.

Obvious, perhaps; and of course these kinds of reflections don't change a damn thing. Still, I have to admit that I too in recent months have recollected the lyrics of this song, thinking back, somewhat nostalgically, to the time in my life when I was first discovering my attitudes and opinions about the world around me. As pathetic as it may sound, "Driven to Tears" was one of several pop/rock songs that had an influence on my thinking. And so to Mickey Z. I say, thanks.