Friday, June 20, 2003

Shoot the Freak!

"Check it, check it, check it out; the new game they're all talkin' about; the game that put Coney Island back on the map; anyone can do dis, anyone can play dis game: It's called Shoot the Freak. The rules are simple: There are none -- aim for the head. The only game you get to shoot at live, movin' targets. Three dollars for five shots, five dollars for ten. The more you play, the more addictive it gets."

(Web pages below culled from a Google search)

Catherine's Pita (see entry for Monday, July 22, 2002; with two photos)

Movie Poop Shoot: "Siren Music Festival" (see last graf)

Spillway (see entry for Tue, Sept. 10, 2002; with two photos)

Unsong (some Brit who was appalled by STF; see the graf that begins "coney island in the cold …")

A random reference to Shoot the Freak as a generic carnival game

It has to be seen to be appreciated; believe me. More on Shoot the Freak later (maybe).